VYATIL - Nonpowered Oxygen Tent

Comfortable. Secure. VYATIL.

The Vyatil is a nonpowered oxygen tent device that encloses a patient’s head and upper body to contain oxygen delivered to the patient for breathing.

Optimized for patient comfort and safety, the Vyatil features a proprietary zipper to provide rapid, emergency access and peace of mind to providers and their patients.


VYATIL delivers oxygenated air using standard hospital wall gas fittings into the patient’s secure, inflatable tent. There, the patient breathes on their own in the oxygen-rich enclosure, thereby avoiding uncomfortable appliances strapped over their nose or mouth.


How Vyatil Works


  • Pillow-like, softshell construction
  • Zipper access facilitates administration of medications P.O., suctioning, etc.
  • Immediate emergency access to patient’s head and neck
  • Use with standard fittings (510K viral filters and PEEP valves)
  • Hydration port for drinking while maintaining helmet pressure
  • Inlet and outlet ports positioned to minimize CO2 rebreathing
  • Accommodates nonpowered noise-reduction headgear
  • Retention straps are easy to adjust and comfortable for patient
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or phthalates


Is the VYATIL oxygen tent easy to use?

Yes, the VYATIL oxygen tent is shipped assembled and setup takes less than five minutes.

Does the VYATIL oxygen tent come with the hose, viral filter and/or PEEP valve?

No. Fittings such as the hose, viral filters and PEEP valves with 510K are commercially available and commonly stocked in health care pulmonary units.


Randomized, single center study shows nonpowered oxygen tents reduce mechanical ventilation in ARDS patients.

The VYATIL nonpowered oxygen tent is shipped assembled and can be setup in under five minutes.


Vyatil Oxygen Tent Featured by Helmet Based Ventilation

Dr. Susan Houde-Walter speaks with Aurika Savickaite about employing patient-centric design in the creation of the Vyatil oxygen tent.

LMD partners with New York State to build oxygen helmets

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that LMD – Power of Light was selected by the state of New York to receive a grant to build oxygen helmets for non-invasive ventilation (NIV). LMD was selected as part of the $3 Million “Production & Development of Mission / Critical Needs Supplies related to COVID-19” program.

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Continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation is required during use. Do not use without continuous and sufficient flow of an appropriate mix of gases or suffocation can occur.  If filters or other devices are used on exhaust, ensure that they are replaced as needed and do not impede flow. Only use with continuous qualified medical supervision. Lungs can be damaged by elevated pressure. Any blockage of the outlet can lead to excess pressure. Continuous monitoring of helmet pressure is recommended.
Use only water-based lotions, salves, or dressings that are oxygen-compatible before and during oxygen therapy. Only use the Nonpowered Oxygen Tent – Vyatil1 (aka “Vyatil”) for its intended use. Never use Vyatil to avoid the risk of smoke inhalation.
Oxygen is flammable. Do not use lubricant for any fittings, connections, tubing, or other accessories unless certified for use in an oxygen enriched atmosphere to avoid the risk of fire and burns.